The founder of the Icons Clinic and European Fitness Community in London UK.

Professional medical & beauty therapist, skin care therapist and art nail design.

My name was entered into "WHO is WHO?" an encyclopedia of prominent people of the world.

I am the author of the books "Fitness - a job or a passion...", "Fitness System", "The Boy of the diamond mask".

For most of his life, I has been a top international fitness presenter, choreographer, professional stage, dance teacher, life coach  & international cycle master trainer. Also I designed the Cycle'ography & Power Bar – Functional Full Body Workout.

The chief catchphrase of my training sessions is: "It's not the art to be taught, the art is to be able to teach" (1992).

National and international fitness presenter, professional dancer, choreographer and teacher. My charisma and the way he gets along with my clients let me create perfect classes which combine business with pleasure. Fitness has been the passion of my life for over 28 years.

I am the perfect example of creativity, innovation and professionalism. Former dancer which is especially visible during my dance classes. Fantastic methodologist of the step classes in various combinations known as Q Power Step Combinations. From medical perspective I always care about another people, working with huge passion with beauty international world.

I am very open to people and therefore very much liked and admired by all. Always brave, straightforward and honest.

I achieved everything due to the enormous power of his will and strength of personality. At first I may be perceived as reserved and unapproachable but in fact I am really kind and people-loving.

Thank you for visiting my website and I believe I can be your devoted friend.

Kris John Mrozek